Our Mission is Clear

At RKA, our goal isto empower businesses to reach their full potential by making advanced technology and expert advisory services accessible to all.”

We’ve been on a mission to guide businesses through the complexities of modern operations and strategic growth. Our team of seasoned professionals provides tailored solutions in strategic growth consulting, operational improvements, and software implementation. Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working with a diverse array of industries, including hospitality, non-profit foundations, restaurants, and SaaS companies.

We take pride in our commitment to make advanced technology and expert advisory accessible, regardless of your business’s size or industry.

We don’t just work for your business, we work WITH your business, fostering a partnership that drives growth and success.

Reggie Azevedo

CEO & Founder
When we founded RKA, we had one goal in mind: to help businesses reach their full potential by bridging the gap between them and strategic advisory.

We’re lucky to work with a wide range of businesses.¬†Each of these experiences has reinforced our belief that personalized advice and effective technology are vital to a company’s success.

But at RKA, we believe in going a step further. We’re committed to giving back to our community by offering affordable advisory opportunities for entrepreneurs in developing regions. We see it as our way of ensuring that every business, regardless of its size or stage, has the chance to flourish.