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Navigate today’s complex business landscape with RKA Consulting. We’re your partners in driving strategic growth, optimizing operations, and implementing cutting-edge software solutions. 

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What We Do

Strategic Growth Consulting

We devise and execute bespoke growth strategies to propel your business forward in your unique market.

Operational Improvement

Streamline processes and boost productivity with our targeted efficiency enhancements.

Software Implementation

Stay competitive and efficient with our expert guidance on the latest software solutions tailored to your business needs.

Start-Up Advisory

Navigate the complexities of starting a business with our comprehensive guidance and expert insights

Marketing Consulting

Enhance your market presence and reach with our tailored marketing strategies, designed to boost your brand visibility and customer engagement.

Customer Service Consulting

Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty with our strategies to improve your customer service operations.

Case Studies

Project Management

Transforming Time-to-Market with Strategic Project Management

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Robust Loyalty Program Paves Way for Growth in Emerging Market

M633 Hospitality

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Re-energized Customer Success Division Drives Growth & Slashes Churn

Vista Social

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Reggie Azevedo

With a proven track record, Reggie has guided over 5 tech start-ups to success, including high-profile acquisitions

VP of Growth

Keisse Azevedo

Working with over 18 businesses, Keisse has helped them navigate the intricacies of starting-up and devising growth strategies.

Our Advisors

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